Why Mineral Makeup?

Why Mineral Makeup



  • The biggest discomfort that women have about makeup is the choice of foundation. Heavier foundations that block the pores create a will of facial washing and a sense of discomfort. Mineral foundations are in the finest form thanks to grinding systems and their special formulas give a feeling of absent on the face.


  • Mineral cosmetics, consisting of micronized and highly reflective light minerals, make skin wrinkles, redness and thin lines less visible.
  • Mineral cosmetic products produced from rocks and dirt pigments are much healthier than petroleum paints and general cosmetic products made of different chemicals.


  • The sunscreen feature in mineral cosmetics contributes to making the skin look younger and healthier.


  • Mineral products have healing properties in acne, rosacea, stain problems. They help to heal skin problems.



About Mineral Make-Up Products


Mineral makeup products are mostly in powder form. Powder foundations must be applied with brush.


Application; Some product is fed into the brush in the lid. Then it is applied inward from the outside of the skin with circular movements. Never get heavy items in the brush, and the foundation must be thoroughly applied to the face in small quantities.


  • The same brand recommends the brush is important for the performance of the product.
  • Always a small amount of product can be provided with adequate coverage. Since mineral products are intense, use in too much amount will lead to a negative appearance rather than excellent coverage.
  • Since minerals are activated with skin oil, makeup looks better during the day. Provides a natural and radiant appearance with the skin.
  • Care should be taken when purchasing mineral makeup. It is important that it does not contain chemical substances, talc, odor.
  • It is important that minerals are derived from raw materials at high quality. It is important to feel the structure by crushing the product between two fingers. The softness and texture of the product can be understood in this way.


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