The Truth About Healing Acne

We’ve all heard the promises…’Simply Apply This and Your Skin Will Be Clear’….or ‘Wash Your Face With This Three Times a Day, And Your Pimples Will Vanish’. Right!

You’ve probably heard that so many times that you are completely skeptical that anything will work. You are convinced that healing acne is impossible..nothing has worked so far…right?

I’ve been there. I walked that trail of tears, and I know EXACTLY what you are going through. I tried every concoction under the sun, in the hope that ‘this would be the one that works’. None of them did. Oh yeah, I saw some improvement occasionally, but nothing that lasted. I wish I could have all of the money back that I spent on those potions (I’m sure it’s in the thousands)!

I started breaking out when I was in the seventh grade…just before I turned 13. I suffered the pain of constant breakouts until my late 30’s! I never went to a dermatologist because I was too embarrassed to. I didn’t want someone examining my face up close! Yuk! Instead, I hid in the bathroom, trying desperately to cover up my ugly face.

I hated myself. I just couldn’t understand why my skin was doing this to me. In my efforts at healing acne, I washed my face thoroughly (maybe too much). I used alcohol pads to ‘dry out’ my pimples. I later discovered that this was very counterproductive. Although it may have seemed to help at first, the pimples would come back as my skin tried to put the oil back in my dried out skin! A vicious cycle, to say the least!

I dreaded anything that might involve my face getting wet…that might make my cover up come off, and expose my blotchy red skin. So I avoided swimming, and hated rain. I used to envy classmates that could rest their chins on their hands…I didn’t dare do that and mess up my mask.

I remember I had to get up at least an hour earlier than I should have every day just to put my cover up on. I couldn’t face the world otherwise. When I was in college I had to get up even earlier to be able to grab the one private bathroom in my living situation, just so I could do my ‘artwork’ in private. I used mirrors from all angles to make sure I wasn’t missing anything. I wished so much that I could be like everyone that could simply get up, wash their face and be done! All those hours…

Let me tell you, healing acne is within your reach. I never thought I would really be rid of the pimples that plagued me for so long. But I did it and so can you! It is so nice to look at myself in the mirror and see clear skin.

I can touch my face now, and not worry about rubbing off that concealer and exposing my true skin. I can actually go out in public and be proud of my appearance. I’ve even had people compliment me on my great skin. Imagine that!! I surely never thought that would happen.

If you are tired of your desperate attempts at healing acne, check out HEALING ACNE. I know you are tired of empty promises. But if healing acne is something you really want to do, it’s time to stop wishing, and discover a method that will give you your life back.

I sincerely hope you take this opportunity and start healing your acne now. Your life will be forever changed!

Post Author: Emily Lanz

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