Healing Acne With Vitamins

First of all, what are vitamins and why do you need them ? How will this help you in healing acne?

Vitamins are substances that your body needs to work properly. Most vitamins aren’t made by your body, so they must be provided in your diet in small regular amounts.

Your body uses vitamins for a lot of things…including building and maintaining tissues and organs. Vitamins provide you with energy, boost your immune system,  and  keep your skin healthy, as well as helping to  keep your brain and nervous system in good working order!

So, How can you make sure you get enough vitamins from your diet?

  • Eat at least five portions of various fruits and vegetables daily
  • Include only lean meat and oily fish in your diet
  • Steam or grill foods containing water-soluble vitamins, since they will  be  lost in water used for cooking if you boil them
  • You know you will snack between meals, so choose seeds and nuts rather than high- fat alternatives

Even with a healthy diet, it is recognized that the average person, with a normal calorie intake, will not get all of the vitamins that they need on a daily basis. Therefore, using a supplement is a wise choice in order to give your body everything it needs to keep all of your bodily functions intact and give your skin the tools it needs to be healing acne!

So, what should you look for in a supplement?

  • Choose a multivitamin rather than a high dose of any single vitamin.
  • Avoid taking any supplement that contains just one or two specific vitamins or minerals unless your doctor has advised you to. Why? Because vitamins and minerals work in harmony and an excessive amount of just one can impair the absorption or effectiveness of another. Correct balance is critical.

Vitamins for healing acne…the bottom line…

Yeah, there are some vitamin supplements that are indeed tremendously beneficial for acne if combined with a more comprehensive program. But please don’t think that you can simply take a vitamin for acne and instantly be healing your acne. Because you can’t…believe me I tried for years to do it.

Your regimen needs to include other factors that we’ve talked about…your cleansing regime, exercise, drinking water, getting a good night’s sleep…all of these things work together to support your healthy skin!

All of that being said, and although no one vitamin ALONE will cure acne, there are some vitamins that play very KEY roles in hormonal balance that is so important for acne sufferers.

Here’s a short list of vitamins,minerals and other ingredients you should look for in a supplement:

  • Zinc
  • Burdock
  • Vit a
  • Vit B-6
  • L-Lysine

Keep up the good work…It will all come together for you!

Post Author: Emily Lanz

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